Friday, June 24, 2011


Hello ya'll!  I have moved from WordPress to Blogger.  I just thought this would be easier to maintain and keep up with, AND I can add pictures and post new posting from my phone!!  How exciting! 

Well, as ya'll know its summer time and kids are out of school so that means HOT weather and boring days!  Yes I said boring!  We don't do much during the summer months.....Jeff and I work and we don't have the time off yet.  However, the two older kids have been enjoying activities with the 4-H club. 
Ally just got back from camp Wednesday and Alex was to go on a fishing trip BUT they cancelled it due to the lack of rain in our country.  The fishing hole is now a puddle. (BTW, pray for rain). 

So thats just a little bit of whats going on.  Again, stick around you'll never know whats gonna happen with our litter!