Hunting with the Litter

Welcome to Hunting with the Litter page.  I'll be adding our hunting trips and all the game we've harvested. (if you can't really see these pictures just click on them, it enlarges it!)
Posted December 10, 2016

Watching the crops growing and then seeing the harvest year after year is amazing!!!  All the while watching our deer herd grow year after year [no we do not own a deer herd or have any high fences]. 
I watch this guy grow for about 2 years, I knew this year would be the year to harvest him.  When bow season opened in October I spent everyday out in the woods waiting for him.  It was the best 8 days I've had in a REALLY long time.  Every time I walked into and out of my stand I would pray thanking God for the opportunity to enjoy His creation.  But I also prayed for Him to teach me something, and yes of course for Him to send the 'big one' my way.  
I was blessed beyond measure!!  He sent a bobcat in front of me, bobcat never knew I was there until he saw me moving around trying to get a picture of him.  It was AWESOME!!! 
Next day I was out nothing was moving, saw my little button buck come in then leave and then I see something furry.  I finally figure out...its a YOTE!!!!  Now mind you, I've always wanted to take a yote with my bow and here is my chance!  I kissed at her, she turned and started coming into the feeder then I kissed one more time to make her turn towards me...deep breath then release!  AHHHH I was STOKED...if ya can't tell....   

But that's not all!  On a day I wasn't going to go out but decided too at the last minute I finally get my chance to take the 'big one'.  I didn't see much but then right before the sun went down I see horns.  I knew that was him.  I didn't take another look at his antlers, I just waited until he made his way around the feeder so I could get a clean shot.  He turned and gave me the shot...again, took a deep breath and release.  "THAWP" Clean shot.  I sat back and just thought "That just happened, that just happened.  Oh Lord You have blessed me and our family!  Thank you Father!!!"  I texted the litter's dad then called 2nd in the litter.  WHOA!!!  All 3 of us tracked him and here he is!!


So all in all its been a wonderful season!!!  But you may ask if God taught me anything, well of course He did!!  He taught me to be patient and wait upon Him.  Don't jump the gun; meaning don't break that window open to get in He will open the door when He wants too.


Posted September 2015

Longest shot! On a warm September morning I was spending some quiet time on our back porch with my JW when he spots a yote running across our field.  I, of course run in the house grab my .243 and some rounds. Throw open the screen window, get him in the scope and the screen window shuts. Ugh! Throw open the window again leaning against it so it wouldn't shut and the adrenaline starts pumping; and those whole time I have JW back there saying "he's to far out, you can't make that shot". HA watch me!! Take a deep breath and BOOOM! He went down!!! 358 yards and yes it was my .243!! Best day ever!!! I love this life. 

Posted 3 October 2011

Opening day of bow season kicked off Saturday 1 October 2011.  JW was so excited he kept saying "i'm gonna stick one on opening day" but who'd a really thunk he was REALLY going too & on the biggest buck he's EVER gotten? 
But the Litter & I couldn't be more proud of him!!!

He wanted to give the buck enough time to lay down and go to 'sleep' and besides we had to be in town because the some of Litter were in the homecoming parade.   JW was super afraid he wouldn't recover him...but this lil gal knew better; so we (JW, one of the Litter's teachers, and I) went to track him..........As you can see below we found him, actually JW found him. 
I firmly believe dad is smiling down on us  Happy to see that JW has a NICE buck and glad to see I'm going out next....with a bow!!!

Posted 10 September 2011

Tis the year that the snakes are coming out during the day to warm up cause the 
evenings are cool.  Well, this snake is now in greener pastures.

Posted 6 August 2011

Not to long ago we had some visiters to the 6wfamily.  Glad to report they didn't stick around
long!!!  *grin : D*

Posted 12 July 2011

This is JW and I with our deer.  I'm ready for more deer jerky...

Posted 29 June 2011

I'm a HUGE coyote hunter.  I love to predator hunt! I even applied to become
apart of Dead Dog Walkin show.  However, they already hired someone when I applied.

I love the trill of hunting these predators because...well, here's some general information:
Coyotes attack not only humans but also dogs, cats, rabbits, deer etc. As a matter of fact, every small to medium animal can become a potential victim. When a coyote attacks a goat or a sheep they usually bite the throat behind the jaw (below the ear). The animals usually die from shock, suffocation or due to the fact that they lose a lot of blood. When coyotes attack small preys like lambs or kids (very rare), they usually kill by biting the head, back or neck which causes huge bone damage. 

Some coyotes will cause death when they attack the flanks which will cause not only shock but also a big quantity of blood loss. A coyote, in some cases, attacks cows that are giving birth by biting the cow's genital organs. Some animals that are attacked by coyotes will not die right away but they will eventually due to the fact that they are seriously injured or have suffered infections (even if these animals will receive immediate medical treatment, only a few survive unfortunately).


Posted 25 June 2011:
Below is 1st of the Litter and her first deer hunt which she harvested a doe. 
(the deer in the middle isn't from 1st of the Litter's harvest, it was a doe that JW got with his bow...thought it was an awesome picture)

Last year JW won a hunting trip bear hunt in Canada which he was able to harvest this beautiful blonde bear.