Thursday, January 7, 2016


Ok if ya'll haven't heard about Northwest Oklahoma's been hit with an ENORMOUS amount of earthquakes....well you've been hiding under a rock.
Today was a very VERY busy day at the office due to the calls, questions and concerns we received from people needing to know about earthquakes.  (And if ya didn't know I'm an insurance agent....well that's probably because I haven't shared that information yet....until now)  So being an insurance agent I want to be proactive and find out all I can about a company.  So if your needing earthquake insurance or your wanting to know more about it please feel free to call my office at 1-800-375-2553 ext 107.
Let me give you just a little bit of info.

1) Most/Some homeowners DOES NOT HAVE EARTHQUAKE insurance!  It's an option.  Yes it's easy to add.

2) Most/Some earthquake insurance will not cover "man made" quakes.  What does this mean...well if all these quakes in OK are from "fracking" - IT'S NOT COVERED because its man made.  (read your policy) So ASK QUESTIONS!!

3)  Most/Some earthquake insurance companies may have a "wait period or resting period".  What does this mean?  Well, some companies may request a "resting period" between earthquakes...some can be 24 hours up to 2-3 weeks WITH OUT EARTHQUAKES.  Let me resay...SOME COMPANIES...NOT ALL!

That's the best info I can give you.  The rates are not bad but i would encourage to at least get a quote.  Just a simple call or email to your agent and ask for a quote.  Call me or email me if you'd like a quote.  Quotes are free fast and easy!!  (oh here's my email

Ok, moving on...So you click here to see and Earthquake Check list by Palomar Specialty (that's one of the companies we go through - and yes, you should be able to print it off too).  Basically what i've been saying is this....there's two ways to be prepared for an earthquake, tornado or anything else unpredictable....1) Have good insurance and 2) Make sure God is in your heart!  (I'd be glad to talk to anyone about my God!)  So yeah, that's it folks, good insurance and be ready to see Glory (if that should happen).

If anyone does have any questions please call, email, facebook, or even facebook message me any time!  
Until next time!