Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Well hello again!  Long time no visit.  I'm so sorry about that.  Well some update news I guess is in store. 
2nd in the Litter has now graduated high school and going onto college pretty close to home.  I think he may stay there for at least a semester then move to Florida.  

3rd in the Litter is going into her Junior year of high school and very active in pageants, cheer and track!  
4th in the Litter will be a big 8th grader!!  He is active in football.
Lets go back to the 1st in the Litter, she is out on her own and thriving very well!!  I couldn't be more proud of her.  

This year we will be adding another foreign Litter, he is from Denmark and is the same age as the 3rd in the Litter.  We are super excited about him coming to join our Litter Family.

I hope to post pictures of his arrival and 1st day of school until then I've added pictures of the past year.  Enjoy and talk soon!
*as you will see there are a lot of the 2nd in the Litter due to his Senior year.  Also we (2nd, and 3rd in the Litter, a Litter Cousin and I went to Florida to help with the victims of Hurricane Irma through Samaritans Purse.  It was very rewarding and we plan on helping again!)

On our way to Florida
2nd in the Litter won Miss Watermelon
Nothing better than a fathers love!

Kissing a worm

My beautiful 3rd in the Litter

2nd in the Litter being 2nd in the Litter

1st and 2nd in the Litter



SR Picture

SR Picture

SR Picture

SR Picture




Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hello...It's Me

I feel so bad, I haven't had the time or I just plain forget, that I haven't been on here to keep this updated.  I'm hopeful we'll get our family pictures redone so I can update the back ground too. But here's some exciting news, this year the litter has decided to host a foreign exchange student and she's from Brazil.  Our 'foreign litter' is about the same age as 2nd in the litter.  She's involved in band and is a water girl for the high school basketball team.  It's been a learning curve for both foreign litter and the Watkins litter but yet a good way to learn about other countries.

Well, I've gotta sign off, we've been playing in a tournament these last few days and today is the final day.  I'll keep ya posted on the up coming events in the Litter household!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Ok if ya'll haven't heard about Northwest Oklahoma's been hit with an ENORMOUS amount of earthquakes....well you've been hiding under a rock.
Today was a very VERY busy day at the office due to the calls, questions and concerns we received from people needing to know about earthquakes.  (And if ya didn't know I'm an insurance agent....well that's probably because I haven't shared that information yet....until now)  So being an insurance agent I want to be proactive and find out all I can about a company.  So if your needing earthquake insurance or your wanting to know more about it please feel free to call my office at 1-800-375-2553 ext 107.
Let me give you just a little bit of info.

1) Most/Some homeowners DOES NOT HAVE EARTHQUAKE insurance!  It's an option.  Yes it's easy to add.

2) Most/Some earthquake insurance will not cover "man made" quakes.  What does this mean...well if all these quakes in OK are from "fracking" - IT'S NOT COVERED because its man made.  (read your policy) So ASK QUESTIONS!!

3)  Most/Some earthquake insurance companies may have a "wait period or resting period".  What does this mean?  Well, some companies may request a "resting period" between earthquakes...some can be 24 hours up to 2-3 weeks WITH OUT EARTHQUAKES.  Let me resay...SOME COMPANIES...NOT ALL!

That's the best info I can give you.  The rates are not bad but i would encourage to at least get a quote.  Just a simple call or email to your agent and ask for a quote.  Call me or email me if you'd like a quote.  Quotes are free fast and easy!!  (oh here's my email

Ok, moving on...So you click here to see and Earthquake Check list by Palomar Specialty (that's one of the companies we go through - and yes, you should be able to print it off too).  Basically what i've been saying is this....there's two ways to be prepared for an earthquake, tornado or anything else unpredictable....1) Have good insurance and 2) Make sure God is in your heart!  (I'd be glad to talk to anyone about my God!)  So yeah, that's it folks, good insurance and be ready to see Glory (if that should happen).

If anyone does have any questions please call, email, facebook, or even facebook message me any time!  
Until next time!

Friday, December 11, 2015


So you might notice I'm making some changes to the blog.  Each litter will have their own page.  I'm also working on getting updated pictures too.  Sorry I've been behind on the just happens.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Game Time is Over

Well, Ringwood Football season is now over, it wasn't a good season but I'm so proud of all those boys!  They're a young team and I have a feeling in the next 2 years they will climb as high as the mountains!!  But one boy stole my heart.  That #87.  He warms a momma's heart, when he smiles all the hurt, sadness and heartache of the world seems to just melt away. But what really warms my heart is when you see your child praying.  When you see them in tears over a teammate that was hurt during a play, in tears calling out to God for healing, comfort and the ability to continue on playing.  That’s when you think, as a parent, "wow, I never knew love like this and yet God loves us more than that!!!"  I don't know about you but my mind just can't comprehend that, but oh….how amazing it is that we can worship a God that loves us so!!!!

Litter #2 is a leader.  He will sometimes follow but mostly he leads.  I know God has BIG plans for him!!!  He's got talent in many many area is in his carefree, loving life and having fun attitude!  Needless to say there's NEVER a dull moment when you’re around Litter #2!!  Take a look at the pictures below and you'll see…. :)  

Litter #2 before a football game.
He kept telling me he knew when I was taking pictures.

This one is a little old (1 year ago) but I adore it!

Getting ready for kick return
One of our players went down, our boys huddled up and prayed!  POWERFUL!!!

Yep thats Litter #2; Just looks painful.
His famous "creeper" face!  haha

 So ya see, never a dull moment!!  :)

Stay tunned....We've got Litter #1 coming up....

Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's been Awhile

Hello again. I know it's been some time, 4 years actually. Been some hard times but with Gods help we've climb out and doing good.
Updates on the litter, well litter 1 is now a senior in high school. Hard to believe my baby is going to be off to college soon.  Litter 2 is a big sophomore in high school. He's pushing 6' 4"! Litter 3 is an 8th grader, she too will be graduating this year. And last but not least is litter 4, he's a 5th grader and he's pushing 5' 6".
I'm excited to be back and blogging again. I'll be posting pictures of what's been happening. So please stay tuned!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oklahoma State Fan

Well, I'm sure most of ya'll have heard, Oklahoma State won the big 12!!  There's a couple of my coworkers that are OU fans, so I just had to make this large cookie for them!!!!

Ummmmm Yummy!!!  But it gets better!!

Indeed!!! How awesome is that!!

And of course, I knew for some odd reason they may whine about this cookie so I brought them this:

Hahaha!  Oh yes!!!  Cheese and crackers!!!  Ya know, to go with their "whine"

This was all done in good fun!!!  There was only one person (OU fan) that didn't even try the cookie because of the color!! Can you believe that??  Crazy huh...well I hope you had a good laugh!!!  It was a good day when OSU smeared OU all over the field. 

GO POKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!