Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hello...It's Me

I feel so bad, I haven't had the time or I just plain forget, that I haven't been on here to keep this updated.  I'm hopeful we'll get our family pictures redone so I can update the back ground too. But here's some exciting news, this year the litter has decided to host a foreign exchange student and she's from Brazil.  Our 'foreign litter' is about the same age as 2nd in the litter.  She's involved in band and is a water girl for the high school basketball team.  It's been a learning curve for both foreign litter and the Watkins litter but yet a good way to learn about other countries.

Well, I've gotta sign off, we've been playing in a tournament these last few days and today is the final day.  I'll keep ya posted on the up coming events in the Litter household!

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