Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where the Buffalo Roam Homecoming

Last week was Homecoming week for Where the Buffalo Roam.  The kids had a great time dressing up, sorry to say I didn't get any pictures.  Between that and my job I was just lucky to sleep!  Anyway, I did get some exciting stuff from the football game and the parade the next day. 
Hope ya'll enjoy!!

I'm not really sure how they worked it, but this is before the game started.  The Eagle Med came in, landed on football field and delivered the game ball!  It was exciting to see. 

Here is the beginning of the parade.  And my cute lil 3rd in the Litter...

This would be Where the Buffalo Roam band.  And sorry to say 1st in the Litter was on the other side.  (And yes its true, they do play that song all the time!)

So the parade is going along nicely, until I see the Football boys.  I knew what 2nd in the Litter was gonna do with the candy
he was throwing AND friends would help.

And I added this jut for fun! 

So there ya have it....we ended up with a full bag and a full bucket of candy!  What a homecoming!

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  1. Sorry I haven't seen or wrote you in forever!! Boys have been sick and I have as well..We got us a new dog and then we have had some deaths in our I guess life has been going on..but I have not forgot you :) xoxo and those boys look just like daddy :)