Thursday, November 10, 2011

This ain't no BULL!

(* = description or definition @ the bottom of this blog entry)
Early this morning, while the entire world was sleeping, couple of my favorite men gathered up their things and headed to the Jayhawk state.  Why you ask?  Well, bull riding school of course!  Yes, you heard it right.  2nd in the Litter & his dad went to the Jayhawk state for bull riding school…well, the school is for 2nd in the Litter not his dad…I just hope they keep *JW off the bulls, that’s gonna be the tricky part!! 

This will be the first day that will let us know if 2nd in the Litter is going to be a *‘roughy’ or not.  I’m excited for him!  But the momma in me always thinks of ‘what could happen.’  I will be very honest and say that I did have a couple nights I didn’t sleep thinking of the bad outcomes.  However, I let it go and gave it to God.  I feel this door was opened for a reason, and if He wanted to close it He would’ve. 2nd in the Litter is a lil man after Gods heart.  I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt!!! 

You see, when 2nd in the Litter was born (he was full term) he was having trouble breathing.  Nurses took him to the nursery to look him over and call the peds doc.  So after my OBGYN doc took care of me the nurses came & told me I could go see him after I show them I could walk.  (I had an epidural that didn’t start working until after labor!)  Well, some hours later I jumped a CNA and told her to get me a wheel chair or I will crawl down there to see him!!  Needless to say I saw him. 
The next morning –I have still yet to hold him- the peds doctor just about tore down the door yelling that we needed to sign papers for them to treat 2nd in the Litter ASAP.  His left lung collapsed.  Not too long after that his right lung collapsed and come to find out he stopped breathing!  The doctor said they don’t know if he will have brain damage or not, that we’ll have to wait and see.  Anyway, they had a cpap on him which wasn’t working.  They then decided to ship him to Children's in the Big City.    
The long of the short of it (as my friend TW likes to say), he, once again, stopped breathing on the way down there (it’s about a 1½ drive from where we were to the Big City; and no they couldn’t fly, it was rainy, freezing and nasty). 
We didn’t know what was wrong with my seemingly healthy, full term baby boy until we saw the Big City peds doctor.  He said that he had punctured holes in his lungs.  He also said that 2nd in the Litter was a very stout boy; he’s going to pull thru and be a happy healthy kid.  That was the best news ever!!!  Before he was sent home the nurses told me they called him The Ox. J 

So, I know God has a special place for him in this world because He kept giving him back to me!  Whether its bull riding, air force, digging up dinosaurs, or a youth pastor, God is going to do something special with him! 
2nd in the Litter had a little ‘church’ at school.  At recess he would talk to other kids about Jesus, he had a large group at one time!!  But he’s gotten older so no recess anymore; however he still talks about Jesus and doesn’t seem to be shy about it!  Praise the Lord!!

This weekend is going to be long but I cannot wait to see him Sunday!  He will be practicing on a *bucking barrel, then onto steers and if they think he’s ready he’ll be on a small bull Sunday!!  But whether he rides and loves it or rides and decides that’s not for him it’ll be great either way!  I’m just proud to be his momma and that he at least gave it his all!

Anyway….hang tight, I’ll be adding more as the weekend progresses!! And that ain’t no Bull!!

By Zach Martin

You pack up your gear
You gotta big check
So ya head for the show
That you entered next

You get to the show
And pay your fees
You draw a good bull
You sure are pleased

You pull out your rope
To keep a good grip
You lookin for a win
An 8 second trip

They load up your bull
Your the last one to ride
The leader scored eighty
You'll score ninety-five

You give a big nod
They pop open the gate
You get bucked off
A bull rider's fate

So you leave empty-handed
But you've still got your pride
You'll just wait around
Til the next 8 second ride

*For those who don’t know, JW used to ride bulls.  When we got together 11 years ago he was on “medical leave” (that’s what I call it) due to his back and yes it was a riding injury.  However, he never did get back on because he chose his family.

*Roughy or Roughies definition:  They’re called “roughies” because the events are called the “rough stock events.”  “Roughies are easy going, dirty, they don’t care about their looks, but the ropers have nice pressed jeans, they’re not as tough.” –quote from a high school bull rider from Missouri

*Bucking Barrel definition: a 55-gallon drum suspended by thick bungee cords and ropes that can be pulled vigorously in order to make the barrel "buck."

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