Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not our first Rodeo!

But it is with our kids. Couple weeks ago 2nd in the litter decided he wanted to ride a donkey bare back!  So we said ok. 

On the way to town he told dad that he was nervous but wasn't going to chicken out.  He was the first one to go, climbed onto the donk then off he went!  I am so SO proud of him!!

Some parents or folks think we 're nuts to let our son do this.  My reply is: there's A LOT more worse things he could be doing!  Don't get me wrong, I was nervous too!  And if he continues on the rough stock path I will always get nervous before he rides...I'm a momma!! But this is a sport just like any other sport!  Dangerous? Maybe, but what isn't?  Driving a car is taking a risk.
There's so much protective gear they have for bullriders and we plan on him wearing, if this is what he chooses to do.  Rough stock boys are just a different breed, I fell in love with a bullrider myself so maybe that's why I'm so supportive of 2nd in the litter doing this!  His dad on the other hand, he's supportive, but isn't pushing him.
I pray we can get a rough stock rodeo here in our lil town, so maybe those that want to rodeo can.

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  1. Awesome!!!! I wish we would have been there!! Next year!