Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Wild!

We took the Litter to the Wildlife Expo since JW's company he works for had a booth to promote  Record Rack.
Anyway, they had such a ball.  The Litter was able to experience so many different things, such as petting a gator, see a rattle snake attack its prey then eat it...up close, watch longbow's being made straight from scratch, & they were able to shoot an atlatl, recurve, and compound bows.

Well below are pictures and videos of our fun day!!!

1st in the Litter with Recurve Bow she really showed the boys up!
2nd in the Litter with Recurve Bow he loves this sport!!


3rd in the Litter finally said she wanted to try a recurve too, she did good!  But she is dainty!!

These are pictures of Eagles we saw before going in.  Looking at the bald eagle sure made a person proud to be an American!  He was absolutely beautiful & breath taking!  

Ok, so they had rattle snakes, as I said before.  However I just happen to get my phone out and video it.  Some of ya know I can't STAND snakes.  In my little world a snake is a snake is a snake, I don't care what 'good' people say it'll do I hate em and for sure don't want to wake up with one in my bed!!  Anyhow, I know I had to have such a horrible look on my face while watching this snake (the guys running the booth had a good time with that...they thought it was hilarious) but I was able to get some awesome videos!
Unfortunately I am unable to upload video's of the snake....but I will as soon as I can, along with more stuff we did that day!

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