Monday, December 5, 2011

Antiques anyone?

So I told ya'll that Saturday I would be going antique shopping.  Well, I did and had one enjoyable day spending some wonderful quality time with 1st in the Litter, the Litter's Gammie and the Litter's aunt from Etown. Us ladies had a wonderful time, anyway lets getting started!!!! :D

So I collect Watkins products antiques, I've gotten some really neat stuff, but this time I felt like I hit the jackpot!!! (I also have a feeling dad would've been proud of me!!)  Here's some of my collection and new stuff:

Most of this is from my past trips, however, the mortar and pestle and 3 of the tin cans are from this go around.  The bottle on the top left is a Wrights Liquid Smoke, that is the only thing that's not a Watkins product up there.  I have it because my best friends name is Wright.
If you can see that paper in the back behind the bottle, well that is an old Watkins Cookbook!

Watkins Products since 1868!  I was able to get this along with 18 spices!!!!


These 3 beauties I am very happy about!!!  A very VERY good find...
Left:  A 1917, its an 50th Anniversary Watkins Almanac; Home Doctor and Cookbook!
Middle: A 1922, Watkins Almanac; Home Doctor and Cookbook
Right:  This doesn't seem to have a date nor a publishing date, however this is the first time I've seen a Watkins Timely Suggestions book.  It has tested recipes, secrets of beauty, home doctor, helps for the housewife, hints on the care of the car and many other miscellaneous information.

So the mugs I actually got for JW to use but then we decided that we do not want to use them but would rather add them to my collection.  He loves me <3

So I didn't get everything Watkins.  I for sure couldn't pass this up: 
4th in the Litter is going to love these!  I have plans on scanning them, load them to my photo shop, blow them up and put them in 4th in the Litter's room.

So this is a large crock!  Haha!  No really!  It is!!  I've always wanted one of these, mainly when the Litter was younger so I could put their toys in guess I will use it for Ulu's toys.  I got a heck of a deal on this; and that's no crock!!  Before I saw this one there were 2 that was 1/2 this size which had prices of $80 and $85.  I got this large baby for $29.00 with 20% off that!!!!!  AND it doesn't have a crack in it!!  Granted its probably not as old as those others are but I still feel like it was a good deal!

Well, its almost 11:00 and I'm usually in bed by now...what can I say, guess I'm getting old. 
I wanted to add more of my Watkins product collections but that will be another day!! 
Hope ya'll enjoyed looking at my good finds!

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