Friday, December 9, 2011

Oklahoma State Fan

Well, I'm sure most of ya'll have heard, Oklahoma State won the big 12!!  There's a couple of my coworkers that are OU fans, so I just had to make this large cookie for them!!!!

Ummmmm Yummy!!!  But it gets better!!

Indeed!!! How awesome is that!!

And of course, I knew for some odd reason they may whine about this cookie so I brought them this:

Hahaha!  Oh yes!!!  Cheese and crackers!!!  Ya know, to go with their "whine"

This was all done in good fun!!!  There was only one person (OU fan) that didn't even try the cookie because of the color!! Can you believe that??  Crazy huh...well I hope you had a good laugh!!!  It was a good day when OSU smeared OU all over the field. 

GO POKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!